Car Window Tinting

Window tinting

It is worth noting that the price also depends on the vehicle class. Vinyl film quality and personnel skills are one of the most important factors involved. AST is more than happy to carry out projects of any complexity and makes sure our clients are happy with the results.Lately window tinting has become fashionable not only for big trading centres and office premises, but also residential houses. It’s done for different reasons. Window tinting in an apartment helps to solve a great many problems and the tinting process itself is rather simple. What is this attractive in such a way and can also protect premises from prying eyes?

Windows tint is a film that filters sunlight wonderfully well. When applied top a window glass such a film blocks 99% of UV rays and reflects 80% of sunlight. As as result premises don’t overheat during hot weather.

The main objective of tinting is to protect premises from the heat from sunlight. When itis cold outside, tinting film lowers energy consumption and protects buildings from overheating during the summer months. Disguising tinting film creates additional flares that makes window glass completely non-transparent.

An unprotected window glass, if broken, gets scattered in small pieces in all directions. One can easily get hurt by these pieces. If window glass is covered with film, glass pieces won’t get scattered and the broken glass will just remain suspended in the frame.

Window tinting means you do not need any curtains during the daytime. Besides, such a film can also offer different degrees of protection and light transmission properties. Anycustomer requirements can be met.