Window tinting

Quality differences of films

In our tinting centers we use the following types of tinting films.

Ceramic enhanced tinting films:

High quality, heat protection, eye-catcher.
The high-quality ceramic films truly are all-rounders: they offer reliable heat and UV protection as well as outstanding optical clarity. Due to the signal-neutral properties the film does not interfere with the reception of mobile phones, navigation, and other electronic devices in the vehicle.
Ideal for modern and high-end vehicles and for anyone who wants the best quality and the longest guarantee period. Fully signal neutral. Optimal adhesion to the silk-screen edge. 15-year guarantee.

Metallized sun protection film

The middle-class product, the basics for anyone who has a minimum requirement for quality and good sun protection. The film provides good thermal protection due to the metal particles. View transparency from the interior of the car to the outside, optical clarity. 10 years guarantee.

Basic tinting films

For price-conscious customers who do not value sun protection highly or who are seeking only a good privacy screen. The heat reduction is relatively low. Recommended for tinting used vehicles. Available in different levels of tinting.