Our franchise

Our franchise is a real starter package, regardless of whether you are an existing tint film installation company looking to use our brand and thereby increase your, or if you are an individual looking to start your own business free of associated risks and with secure financial independence – we offer you all the main keys to success!

Our advantages.

By purchasing our franchise, you are of course getting the opportunity to operate under the AST FOLIERUNG brand – the largest (17 car dealerships) car window tinting company in the German market, but most importantly – you will be well-recognized from the opening day of your establishment. It will save you years of effort it takes to build your name/reputation.With us you will start earning from the first day of opening. The address of your center appears on our website, in all our advertising media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok. We have our own powerful advertising tools that are completely exclusive to us on the market. By becoming our franchise partner, you will make your business benefit from the flow of customers generated by our media support.

Materials at an exclusive price. After you become a franchisee,we willput you in touch with our film supplier. Yes, it’s a direct contact. And yes… that’s one of the most important points – premium films that you could get at the same prices as usi.e., the brand manager. High-end films at extraordinary prices directly from world-renowned manufacturers – it’s possible because we’ve been ordering extra-large volumes of films for years.We are not buying rolls, we are buying containers filled with rolls. Operating with ultra-large quantities provides us opportunities to negotiate with the factory that produces the films. We have negotiated a price for our future franchise partners to purchase rolls of film identical to ours, but on their behalf, with no obligation to purchase in large quantities. Such a price per roll of film can only be achieved if you are a part of our network. This allows you to offer your customers low end prices and therefore make your services more financially accessible.

The conditions for participating in the network are simple and transparent:

* Entry Packages: to become a franchisee, you have two options available to you.

Package No. 1: 24,900 euros including tax.

Package No. 2: 9,900 euros including tax, and 990 euros of monthly payment including tax.

These packages have a contractual commitment of 5 years with a free renewal option at the end of the period. These two packages are identical and are based on the same ultra-efficient starter principles. Whichever package you choose, it guarantees that there will be no other AST FOLIERUNG franchisee within a radius of at least 50 km from you. After 5 years, contract renewal is automatic and free of charge. You do not have to pay anything again after 5 years to renew your franchise right.

We do not assist you in finding premises. It is up to you to make the effort and find a business location. However, we can counsel you on making the right choice based on our experience. You can rest assured that we are not asking you to occupy a high-end property located right down the street. However, we do require the very bare minimum: Your premises must be at least 40 m2 and be renovated by you in an aesthetically pleasing way (new paint on walls and floors, comfortable waiting area with a sofa for clients, etc.). You are expected to create a clean, friendly environment that doesn’t compromise the brand image. The location itself is of absolutely no significance.

Training: You don’t need to look for training to learn how to tint windows. We have our own training centers (in Leverkusen and Berlin), where we train truly competent tinting specialists using our own methods developed over the years. The purchase of the franchise includes a 7-day training course. At the end of this 7-day course you will have mastered the skills necessary to install the car window film. During these 7 days you can expect a maximum of practice on the cars. The training program with us resembles an obstacle course from morning till evening. There are currently no comparable offers on the market. If required, you can extend the training, in which case a week of training costs 1,500€ including tax.